An introduction to aids

Antiretroviral drugs are usually used in combinations of three or more drugs from more than one class. This is called "Combination Therapy. Manufacturers of ARVs keep trying to make their drugs easier to take, and have combined some of them into a single tablet regimen.

An introduction to aids

Yes, HIV medications are the most important part of the equation for most people. For instance, ensuring that your body maintains optimal levels of key nutrients can be critical in maintaining your health.

An introduction to aids

Much of the time, people with HIV can maintain good nutrient levels simply through a balanced diet, regular exercise and a healthy overall approach to the way they take care of their body.

When this happens, taking supplements can help fill the gaps.

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Please note that this article is not meant to be a comprehensive review of everything a person with HIV needs to know about supplements. Why Bother With Supplements?

Nutrients include vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You get most of your nutrients by eating food. This is when supplements can come in handy.

Supplements are substances you can take to make up for not getting enough nutrients through your everyday life.

An Introduction to AIDS

Although supplements are usually taken in pill, capsule or tablet form, they can also potentially be in powder or liquid form, and sometimes are required to be injected. Supplements can control or improve many aspects of your health, including:Zimbabwe has a high HIV prevalence, with unprotected heterosexual sex continuing to be the main route transmission route for new infections.

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a serious condition that weakens the body's immune system, leaving it unable to fight off illness.

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Introduction Explain to participants that this activity is intended to introduce hope and optimism about the response to HIV/AIDS. Activities Ask participants to share their ideas about positive responses.

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Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with HIV/AIDS.

Each Chapter contains unworked examples to help the . In the s many experts thought that the fight against infectious diseases was over. In fact, in , the Surgeon-General of the United States of America indicated that it was "time to close the book on infectious diseases, declare the war against pestilence won, and shift national resources to.

Introduction to HIV, AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infection Surveillance Overview of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic with an Introduction to Public Health Surveillance Participant Manual February Edition Acknowledgments This manual was prepared by the United States Department of .

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