Description of the colt model 1911

History[ edit ] Early history and adaptations[ edit ] The M pistol originated in the late s as the result of a search for a suitable self-loading or semi-automatic pistol to replace the variety of revolvers then in service.

Description of the colt model 1911

Patent X and another on August 29 U. This was followed shortly thereafter in late by the introduction of the Colt Paterson. Making firearms with interchangeable parts was still rather new it had reached commercial viability only about a decade beforeand it was not yet easy to replicate across different factories.

Interchangeability was not complete in the Paterson works, and traditional gunsmithing techniques did not fill the gap entirely there. The Colt Paterson revolver found patchy success and failure; some worked well, while others had problems.

During the Mexican—American War —this prototype was seen by Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker who made some suggestions to Colt about making it in a larger caliber.

Description of the colt model 1911

Having no factory or machinery to produce the pistols, Samuel Colt collaborated with the Whitney armory of Whitneyville, Connecticut. Eli Whitney Jr bornthe son of the cotton-gin-developer patriarch, was the head of the family armory and a successful arms maker and innovator of the era.

Colt used a combination of renting the Whitney firm's facilities and subcontracting parts to the firm to continue his pursuit of revolver manufacture.

Colt ran his plant with a military-like discipline, he would fire workers for tardiness, sub-par work or even suggesting improvements to his designs.

In an attempt to attract skilled German workers to his plant, Colt built a village near the factory away from the tenements which he named Coltsville and modeled the homes after a village near Potsdam.

Colt Government Model Pistol for sale.

In an effort to stem the flooding from the river he planted German osiersa type of willow tree in a 2-mile long dike. He subsequently built a factory to manufacture wicker furniture made from these trees.

The s were a decade of phenomenal success for the new Colt corporation. Colt was the first to widely commercialize the total use of interchangeable parts throughout a product. It was a leader in assembly line practice. It was a major innovator and training ground in manufacturing technology in this decade and several after.

It took many more years and a UK government commission before the point became universally accepted that such manufacture was possible and economical. Over the next few months his workmen crated and shipped the machinery and disassembled firearms back to America.

In Colt unveiled new state-of-the-art armories in the Hartford and London factories stocked with the latest machine tools some of which were of Colt's devisingmany built by Francis A.

For example, the Lincoln miller debuted to industry at these armories. In an employee of Colt's, Rollin Whitecame up with the idea of having the revolver cylinder bored through to accept metallic cartridges. He took this idea to Colt who flatly rejected it and ended up firing White within a few years.Colt Series 80 Officers Model 45ACP.

3 12 barrel stainless steel. 6 shot magazine. Used: 98% condition. No box. for sale by Tippecanoe Sport Shop on GunsAmerica - Taurus USA has been manufacturing ’s since , and this year they released two new models based on Colt’s legendary designs.

The Officer and Commander are both chambered in 45ACP and offer consumers all the features of a modern without the modern price tag. COLT MODEL ACP: General Characteristics: Technical Specifications: Colt Model of No.

Description of the Automatic Pistol, Caliber, Model of Serial Numbered edition No. lipsey's exclusive ruknvbx flattop 45lc/45acp ss/ivy " 45 acp | 45 colt upc: mfg mdl #: These genuine Colt sear springs are the best sear springs EGW has come across in 25+ years in the business.

The middle and left side prongs are weight-reduced for added responsiveness and hammer follow prevention. ‎ ( × pixels, file size: KB, MIME type: image/png) This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

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