Dissertation sustainable homes

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Dissertation sustainable homes

Dissertation sustainable homes

Most people who live in government subsidized housing projects also rely on government assistance for health care. Evidence shows again and again that traditionally built housing projects in major cities are breeding grounds for disease, plagued with violence, and terribly stressful for the people who inhabit them.

High stress living environments can add to a myriad of physical problems as well as psychological problems including depression, and in children behavioral, emotional and cognitive problems.

The toll all of these factors have on childhood development often causes lasting, lifelong health problems whose expense will almost certainly fall on the government, and ultimately on the tax payers of this country.

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On adult we see an elevated mortality rate compared to the rest of the country, and high rates of cardio-vascular maladies, related to high stress and poor quality food Rosenthal; Acevedo-Garcia; Spielman.

Essentially, the traditionally built housing projects our government has used to house very poor and low-income citizens are costing the government additional dollars in health care, and costing the residents of these projects their health. The system for low-income housing our government has implemented is failing on several levels.

The need for a new approach is evident, and the solutions that sustainable design can offer present economic, humanitarian, ecological, healthy, and aesthetic improvements to the norm. As sustainable low-income housing projects are received with welcome into different communities, they act as important catalysts for integration.

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Inthe program Moving to Opportunity MTO began studying very low-income families with children, randomly assigning participants into three groups. The control group would remain living in public housing, the second group was assigned unrestricted Section 8 vouchers, and the experimental group was given housing vouchers that were only good in low-poverty neighborhoods and were given free housing-search counseling Acevedo-Garcia.

Educational and employment outcomes, health, and reliance on public assistance were all documented over the years Acevedo-Garcia. The latest evaluation report by HUD showed that girls in the experimental group—i.

Dissertation sustainable homes

Some of the factors looked at for the reason for these results were: The authors also looked at the access residents had to information on healthy living and eating, as well as access to healthy food.

They found that predominately poor neighborhoods have a higher of incidence of alcohol and fast food outlets than do wealthier neighborhoods, and very limited access to supermarkets or groceries that stock a healthy fresh produce. Because sustainable low-income housing is received more favorably than traditional low-income housing, it is less likely to be met with opposition in a mixed income community.

Therefore, by using sustainable design to implement low-income housing, the health benefits to the residents can be twofold: Communities in which sustainably designed low-income housing projects are built can also derive benefits from the projects. The residents range in age from 18 years old and up, and a large proportion of residents are active seniors, seniors in need of some assistance, and disabled people Hoban.

The designers used universal design for accessibility along with sustainable design indoors and out. The unit structure includes a green roof, and rain garden, both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

Green Roofs have been shown to act as excellent insulators, control runoff, and significantly reduce the urban heat island effect by lowering ambient temperatures Monhein. An open courtyard and several rooms for recreation, including a library, a meditation room, exercise room, and craft room, all enhance residents quality of life and encourage social interaction.

Others from the community are welcome to use the computer room, and encouraged to visit. In Austin Texas, a program initially intending to teach carpentry to low-income, at-risk youth was spearheaded by Richard Morgan, who works at the American institute for Learning Baker.

Another benefit to communities with green low-income housing is the potential for economic growth.Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics. Development of Sustainable Homes with the Help of Renewable Energy Sources.

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hello sir, I am Anushka, 4th yr architecture student and i am working on plastic homes as my dissertation topic.

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Aquino and Nawari: Sustainable Design Strategies for Sport Stadia Published by Scholar Commons, discussion and analysis of how future stadia can improve upon the sustainable.

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