How to write automatable test cases

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How to write automatable test cases

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JUnit is an open source framework designed by Kent Beck, Erich Gamma for the purpose of writing and running test cases for java programs. In the case of web applications JUnit is used to test the application with out server.

This framework builds a relationship between development and testing process. In a web application, to test the flow we need to deploy it in the server so if there is a change then again we need to restart the server.

Here also facing problems while testing the application. There are, however, some issues with this approach that make it ineffective as a comprehensive test framework: There is no explicit concept of a test passing or failing. Typically, the program outputs messages simply with System.

There is no mechanism to collect results in a structured fashion.

how to write automatable test cases

There is no replicability. After each test run, a person has to examine and interpret the results.

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Suppose, If we have Calculation class then, we need to write CalculationTest to test the Calculation class. Using JUnit we can save testing time. DAO classes can be tested with out server. Even some times service classes also tested using JUnit. Using JUnit, If we want to test the application for web applications then server is not required so the testing becomes fast.

Getting started with JUnit Go to http: Source Code for MathTest. Find the one, that suites you to test the classes in the application.

Use assertEquals double expected, double actual, double epsilon instead static void assertEquals double expected, double actual, double delta Asserts that two doubles or floats are equal to within a positive delta. Use assertEquals String message, double expected, double actual, double epsilon instead static void assertEquals String message, double expected, double actual, double delta Asserts that two doubles or floats are equal to within a positive delta.

Explanation of Above application A test case is used to run multiple tests.

how to write automatable test cases

To Define a Test case: Implement a subclass of TestCase junit. TestCase public abstract class TestCase extends Assert implements Test Define instance variables that store the state. Initialize by overriding setUp method. Clean-Up after a test by overriding tearDown method.

Here if we run application, it will show whether the test cases have passed or not. If all test cases are passed then, it will show green indicator in the IDE. It will show red color to indicate that some or all of the test cases have failed.

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Aug 08,  · Write an equation to find automation percentage with total test cases as n, automatable as x and automated a y equation like, y/(n-x) * this is not correct formulae but i want to know the % of automated testcases from the total test casesStatus: Resolved.

Test case executed with complex business logic; Test case executed with different set of users; Test case Involves large amount of data; Test case has any dependency; Test case requires Special data; Step 2: Break each application into modules. For each module, analyze and try to identify the test cases which should be automated based on the parameters.

This back-and-forth testing and coding process could take all kinds of forms. Patty might write these "story tests" herself, in addition to her unit tests.

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