Krav maga essay

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Krav maga essay

Cabahug, Philippine Army "Victory in war starts in training" is an aphorism that rings true for every military, and even nonmilitary, organization. After many millions of US dollars have been spent, however, has this program been effective?

Each of these JCETs is service-centric and caters to the training needs of the Philippine security forces. The most serious obstacles to Philippine and US interoperability include constraints on doctrine and organization; differing tactics, techniques, and procedures TTPs ; incompatible communications equipment; a lack of well-established training facilities and adequate equipment in the Philippines; and insufficient funding from the Philippine government.

If their personnel were able to participate, these schools could then integrate the best practices, TTPs, and lessons learned that were acquired during JCETs and similar bilateral training exercises into their programs of instruction.

As it is, the acquired skill sets benefit only the unit and the individual soldiers who participate in a given JCET. The subsequent transfer of institutional knowledge and expertise is typically neglected because the JCET participants quickly become preoccupied with current operational requirements on the frontlines.

Krav maga essay

This problem is exacerbated by the lack of resources to sustain the training and readiness of personnel on the frontlines. This is clearly a less-than-optimal arrangement, so why does it continue? The MDB-SEB meets twice a year alternating between the Philippine capital, Manila, and Honolulu in the US state of Hawaii to discuss Krav maga essay finalize the approximately to activities proposed for the succeeding year.

The combined board is also supposed to assess all of the bilateral activities of the current year in order to sustain those programs that provide optimal outcomes and to enhance or refocus the ones that are not delivering the intended effects or benefits.

The PDSS and IPC, which last from five to seven days, are conducted to survey suitable training sites and facilities, determine the logistical requirements of the exercise, determine the training events Krav maga essay timelines, and address other details for the JCET.

Training normally takes place about six months after the PDSS and IPC are completed in order to ensure all the preliminary requirements have been met. A significant factor in the success of the exercise is how well prepared the host nation is in terms of its proposed training concept and the resources needed to realize the concept.

If the host nation planners have an extensive, well-developed training concept, it is easier for the US planners to refine the concept based on the skills and competencies of the designated US SOF team, and to anticipate the resources required for the specific JCET.

The planners on both sides are expected to jointly draft the administrative procedures agreement, which lays out all the administrative and logistical arrangements that both parties will execute in order to ensure the successful conduct of the exercise.

The IPC also produces a draft exercise plan and training calendar. The IPC includes a final planning conference and final site survey lasting three to five days, during which time the actual training dates are chosen, the administrative procedures agreement is confirmed, and the exercise plan and training calendar are refined.

There are plenty of "nuts and bolts" details that must be dealt with, all the way from preparation to mission completion, and regular communication between all the concerned parties is vital for the process to work.

Because PA SOF units that are projected to participate in the JCET are regularly involved in real-world operations, they have become the primary targets for legal harassment by organizations that want to discredit all military operations.

Lawyers for these organizations know that by pursuing these actions, they will be able to impede the professional training and development of PA soldiers. This legal strategy relies heavily on the US Leahy amendment, which dictates that all foreign national SOF units and their respective training participants and unit commanders need to be approved by the US government for each JCET.

Moreover, the Philippine Scout Rangers, a critical combat unit, were denied permission to participate in JCETs from to because of standing legal complaints filed by these opposition groups.

The absence of any candid assessments limits the ability of the JCET program to obtain its optimal outcome of improved interoperability. Therefore, some issues and concerns that have arisen during previous JCET exercises are reoccurring because they have not been taken into serious consideration and targeted for corrective action by the joint committees.

Close collaboration and synchronized efforts among Philippine security forces on the ground, in the air, and at sea are crucial elements that contribute to successful combat operations. It is vital that both sides know where they left off in previous JCETs so they can build on the lessons learned and address the capability gaps.

Unfortunately, the existing process is all too reminiscent of the movie Groundhog Day, in which the same difficulties happen over and over again without anyone seeming to understand why.

In doing so, I noted not only the strengths of these exercises, but also the weaknesses and capability gaps that need attention. Commitment for JCET A JCET must not be perceived merely as "business as usual" for the US and Philippine participants, but rather as an opportunity to interact, learn, and share the knowledge and expertise necessary to have a meaningful bilateral exercise.

From top to bottom, participants, commanders, planners, and decision makers must possess a firm commitment that includes a positive attitude, a willingness to acknowledge problems, and the ability to set serious goals for each bilateral training engagement.

Senior commanders and decision makers on both sides should continually support these JCETs by articulating realistic goals that will address the capability gaps. Training participants must always bear in mind that their actions are not only reflective of themselves and their armed forces, but also of the flags that they carry proudly on their shoulders.

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We American and Philippine military personnel can never avoid the scrutinizing gaze of the public, especially of those who are against the government. Any infringement of Philippine domestic laws by visiting US military personnel may imperil the already existing defense agreements of both countries and our bilateral ties as well.

Although there have been some serious violations of domestic laws during exercises in the past, US SOF were not involved in those cases. Moreover, from a cultural perspective, Filipino soldiers usually respect US SOF as experts in their fields; therefore, any misconduct or perceived disrespect on the US side would have a tremendous negative impact on training outcomes.Jesse Lee Peterson – host of “The Fallen State” TV show on WND-TV – is the most courageous, outspoken critic of the "civil rights" establishment in America today.

Raised without his father. Krav Maga philosophy promotes preemptive force and open aggression. This is a far cry from the self-defense-oriented fighting styles of the Far East.

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Krav Maga is not specifically mentioned, but the first essay most certainly draws from the same playbook. “The Truth about Violence: 3 Principles of Self-Defense” The second essay is apropos of all the groundfighting we’ve been training these past few weeks.

SOF Joint Combined Exchange Training from a Host Nation’s Perspective By: MAJ Emmanuel G. Cabahug, Philippine Army " V ictory in war starts in training" is an aphorism that rings true for every military, and even nonmilitary, organization.

1 Routine training events, in the form of SOF Joint Combined Exchange Trainings (JCET s), have taken . Sep 15,  · bonjour, En parcourant le site de welkit, il annonce le HK comme futur fusil d'assaut des forces françaises.

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