Msg research paper

Twenty minutes after eating Chinese food, some very sensitive people would experience tingling, brain fog, numbness, chest pressure and pain.

Msg research paper

Related Background MSG, or monosodium glutamate, has no taste by itself, but it is used by many professional cooks as a flavor enhancer, improving and enhancing the flavor of almost any food.

We need our protein. MSG has been used as a flavor enhancer for several thousand years. It is one of the key components of many Asian cuisines, especially in the Japanese and Chinese cultures, who have extracted MSG from kelp for centuries.

In other words, from a scientific and pragmatic point of view, MSG is a natural substance from Msg research paper grown plants. All proteins are a chain of amino acids, one of which is glutamic acid.

Msg research paper

So, the MSG you find in powdered form will immediately split into a sodium ion and glutamate ion — and the body can use that glutamate for any biochemical process it wants, and excess sodium is excreted through the kidneys. These forms are called glutamates. The form ultimately responsible for the taste is the glutamate ion, and the form of glutamic acid at the time of the addition is not important.

However, crystalline glutamic acid salts such as monosodium glutamate dissolve much better and faster than crystalline glutamic acid, a property important for use as a flavor enhancer. Glutamic acid, one of the amino acids upon which nearly every single protein is built in the human body, is chemically indistinguishable from the acid salt, MSG.

Once you ingest MSG, it dissociates into sodium and the glutamate, which will be absorbed and utilized by the body.

Moreover, all glutamates are the same — if they are manufactured by a human cell, a plant, some algae, or a chemistry laboratory, they are chemically identical.

Glutamic acid does not suddenly change properties when in salt form. The sodium is either utilized by the body or excreted through the kidneys. You might want to invent some difference between the three forms, to make some case that MSG is more dangerous, but that would require a complete rewriting of what we know about basic chemistry.

There are three chemical forms of glutamate. And that glutamate ion is exactly the same as the glutamate ion that will be broken down from every single protein consumed.

Because we definitely need glutamate to survive. Glutamate is also a key compound in eliminating and controlling the waste nitrogen in the body which is created by cells in the form of urea.

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It is also a neurotransmitter, used by nerve cells to transmit certain types of information, and is a critical substance in cognitive functions in memory and learning.

In other words, glutamate is very important in your life. Without it, you will probably die. Or at least not be able to think. So if you eat a lot of glutamate in your food, and your body synthesizes glutamate in substantial quantities, is there anything bad about MSG?

Salt is considered a fundamental additive to good tasting savory foods, and MSG could make an improved taste, with less sodium.

MSG does contribute sodium to the equation, so it might actually add to the sodium burden of the food. High salt consumption has a lot of effects that mirror the complaints about MSG itself.

But after a few hours, a well-functioning kidney will clear out the extra sodium as long as you drink a lot of water. And usually within those few hours, you are back to normal sodium, and all that glutamate you consumed has been incorporated into billions of proteins in your body.

Ina physician complained about radiating pain in his arms, weakness and heart palpitations after eating at Chinese restaurants. He wrote about his personal experience in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine. However, the physician hypothesized that either cooking wine, MSG or excessive salt might be problematic.

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Msg research paper
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