Natalie dessay queen of the night

She simplified her name in homage to Natalie Wood.

Natalie dessay queen of the night

Biography and career[ edit ] Early life and education[ edit ] Debbie Joy Voigt [1] was born into a religious Southern Baptist family in and raised in Wheeling, Illinoisjust outside Chicago.

Her mother sang and played piano at church while her two younger brothers sang in rock music bands. It was traumatic to Voigt, then in her teens, to adjust to Southern California, "land of endless sunshine and impossibly perfect bodies. At that time, Voigt recalled in an interview, she did not seriously consider becoming an opera singer and was unaware of the existence of the Metropolitan Opera.

There, she also took a class from Leontyne Pricethe internationally acclaimed, American soprano. The performance was praised by noted arts critic John Rockwell in The New York Times[2] who said "it introduced one truly remarkable singer in Deborah Voigt. Later she often refers to her operatic career jokingly as Ariadne Inc.

He noted that "Voigt's deep, mezzolike darkness brought impressive range of color to Amelia's music". He also commented on how well she conveyed Amelia's feeling of urgency and despair in the second act soliloquysung with a warm and golden tone.

Although Kozinn criticized her acting, which did not match her singing, he emphasized that she did not lose any clarity or smoothness in her big voice. The prize for winning was to participate in the annual gala of the foundation held on November 22,at Avery Fisher Hall.

Critic Bernard Holland noted that her "Ozean, du Ungeheuer", a long sequence from Weber 's Oberonbrightened the mood and elevated the gala.

He complimented her performance as "the Tucker gala's most satisfying". Her big, beautiful soprano was not only agreeable to the ear, but also showed splendid evenness and developed emotion. The "little black dress"[ edit ] InVoigt was removed from the role of Ariadne at the Royal Opera House when she could not fit into one of the costumes, a " little black dress.

There is the old expression that "in opera, great voices often come in large packages" [2] and the well-worn saying about opera that " It ain't over till the fat lady sings ". Voigt said in that she felt "good will from fans and the public. During one of the performances at the Met, Voigt took ill and had to leave the stage.

She also appeared in a documentary filmWagner's Dreamabout the Ring production. Voigt revived that show in at the Art House in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Often her voice sounded congested and her top range tight True Confessions of a Down-to-Earth Diva.

However, her crowded schedule and the accompanying stress eventually led to the couple's divorce. The opportunities of cooperation with high profile musicians could have made her a major prima donna more quickly. However, the performance did not take place since Pavarotti had not learned the role of Alvaro and another opera was substituted.

Later the same year, Voigt was cast to sing for a new recording of Tristan und Isolde under the direction of Sir Georg Solti. Before it proceeded, Solti suddenly died of a heart attack. However, it was put off untilfor co-star, French soprano Natalie Dessay. She felt frustration over the fact that every recording plan for Ariadne had been delayed or stopped for five years until late Voigt said that if he had not participated in the project, she doubts she could have ever recorded Ariadne.

In the end, her long struggle paid off and turned out to have a bright side since the album was mentioned as one of the "Top Classical Recordings of " according to the New York Times.Natalie Dessay's "The Miracle of the Voice" is a welcome addition to the recording oeuvre.

She covers much territory in this 2 CD work--from Offenbach to Donizetti to Gounod to Delibes to Massenet to Stravinsky and Bernstein (Candide). The Queen of the Night (die Konigin der Nacht in German) is the primary antagonist in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's famous opera Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute).

She is first introduced as the desperate mother whose beloved daughter was kidnapped, but it ultimately appears that she is the. Natalie dessay youtube queen of the night?

Lyric Coloratura Roles

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Natalie dessay queen of the night

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Deborah Voigt (born August 4, ) is an American dramatic soprano who has sung roles in operas by Wagner and Richard Strauss.

Natalie dessay queen of the night
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