Northridge thesis genealogy

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Northridge thesis genealogy

Other boats were with him. Have you still no faith? Although the quake struck miles away from where we lived, we knew it was a large quake.

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When the quake hit we did what we believed was the correct thing—stand in the doorframe—but first we got Brett out of bed. Jesus had been spending the day teaching the people, offering them parables of the kingdom—for according to Mark Jesus did not teach the public without sharing parables while explaining everything to his disciples so they understood.

Among those parables was the famous parable of the mustard seed.

Northridge thesis genealogy

It was small but it became a large shrub Mark 4: The point being—the kingdom starts small but grows large. You just have to keep the faith. When the day ended Jesus decided to cross the lake. Since there were a number of boats crossing the lake, he got in one of them, along with his disciples.

It must have been a long day because once he got into the boat he fell asleep. The disciples, some of whom at least had spent their lives on the lake fishing, did become frightened.

Northridge thesis genealogy

They were all afraid the boat was going to go down. As they looked around they saw that Jesus was sound asleep, without, it seemed, a care in the world. They wanted him to share their fear of the storm. So they rousted him from his sleep, shouting my thinking at him: It can be unnerving!

Now that he was awake, Jesus seemed to be at least a little bit annoyed. He was taking a nice nap and they woke him up to tell him that they were dying and they wanted him to share in their terror.

Responding to the situation he simply spoke to the storm, calming it with the words: Was Jesus calm at this moment or did he have some other visage?

However the words were spoken, once spoken the winds died down.

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Then turned to the disciples and asked them: And so it would continue, with the disciples slow on the uptake. For their part, the disciples were a bit awestruck. How did he do this? Looking back to earlier in Mark 4, we might find a key to interpretation.

In the parable of the seed, Jesus said that someone had thrown seeds on the ground, and then would keep coming out to see what would come of the seeds. The wheat emerged from the ground, producing the grain that provided sustenance, but the sower did not know how all of this happened.

It remained a mystery. Jesus remained a mystery to the disciples. They still had much to learn before they could truly live by faith.

In the mean time they would have to deal with their fears one at a time.

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Sleeping through the Storm -- Lectionary Reflection for Pentecost 4B