Research proposal affecting customers loyalty

May 8, UsefulResearchPapers Research Proposals 0 Brand loyalty is the process which is characterized with the fact that clients continue purchasing the production of the same brand all the time believing in its quality and enjoying its style and characteristics. Brand loyalty is probably the most important type of advertising for every company which owns a brand, because if clients go on buying the production of the same brand, the company does not have to waste extra money on advertising.

Research proposal affecting customers loyalty

Study on Consumer Behavior towards Smartphones in India Abstract This paper basically examines the factors that impact the purchasing decision of a Smartphone buyer in India.

This research is to analyze the internal and external factors affecting the purchasing behavior of the consumer. The research will also throw some light on price factor. Initial problem structuring involves the Stakeholder analyses, Behavior over Time Research proposal affecting customers loyalty and Causal loops.

Then a Literature review is done related to different researches already done in this field. Then an approach is decided of what Research methodology will be carried out and the sequence in which primary data collection will be done.

This study will help companies in their marketing techniques of how they should carry out different campaigns and target which aspect of Consumers.

Introduction The increasing trend in Smartphone among the people is the main reason that has amplified the interest to research on the topic. The aim of this research is therefore to find out consumer behaviour of Smartphone buyers in Indian Market.

The research is trying to find out that why do people desire to purchase a smartphone, what influence people in purchasing a smartphone and what motivate them in making the purchase decision. Different consumers have different characteristics in their life that also influences their buying behavior.

Social factors such as family, groups, roles and status and personal factors such as age, occupation, lifestyle, personality and self-concept are those characteristics that could influence the buyer behavior in making final decision. Nowadays cheaper smart phones are also available in the market.

But why people buy expensive smartphones? Price, quality, brand, country of origin, marketing, sales, word of mouth etc. How much does brand of smartphone affect the buying decision of a customer?

As there are various types of smartphones available in market with varying price; what is the difference between them?

Research proposal affecting customers loyalty

And how they impact the customer buying decision? This research also aims on the marketing strategy of the smartphone companies to influence the buying behavior of customer.

These strategies include Promotional campaigns, Tie-Ups with network carrier etc. As Smartphones are becoming an integral part of our life and we cannot imagine a day without them, this effort is being made in order to find out the tangible and intangible factors affecting the purchasing decision of the consumer.

Stakeholders involved during the purchase of Smartphone can be External, Internal, Social. Other stakeholders may involve price, features offered by the smartphone, its brand equity and brand awareness. Behavior Over Time Graph 3.

As pointed out earlier in Stakeholders map that there are numerous stakeholders involved, factors which are responsible for attractiveness of this sector is shown in Causal Loop. If the Attractiveness of any sector increases, it will increase the Number of competitors involved which as a result will decrease the market share of various players and then they will be forced to decrease the Price of their products in order to remain competitive which will drive their profits down.

Hence, decrease in revenues which will negatively affect the Attractiveness of that sector, hence, it is a Balacing loop. In the other loop, some other factors are listed down. As market share of competitors decrease, Competition between them will increase which will force down their risk taking ability and as a result decrease the level of technology they are using in their products, this will result in decrease in their Quality.

As Quality will decrease tendency to buy Smartphone will decrease which in the end will decrease the Attractiveness of segment. Smartphone market can mainly be divided into two segments named as camera group in which people consider camera performance as comparatively important.

The second group can be named as performance and outer image group in which people consider smartphone performance, such as integration of hardware and software and file transfer and display and the outer image that a smartphone carries, such as design and brand image are very important.

Regarding purchase decision, the discriminant function is visible only in the case of Apple and, in order of effectiveness: This study took a look at Branding with a new perspective and driven out two implications. The first is that Marketing managers should always try to focus on Brand Loyalty which always acts as one of the important factors contributing towards Brand Equity.

Brand loyalty has various advantages associated with it like: The other important factors in this context are Brand awareness and Perceived Loyalty. The second implication is that Brand Equity must be studied further taking into account cross-country and cross-cultural effects into account so that new insights about Brand Equity can be used in future.Research Proposal.

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Title Relationship between two different business mobile applications models – freemium and premium - and consumer buying habits in mobile app industry Background This research proposal focuses on different e-business models and their relationship with the consumer buying behaviour.

This research is part of digital marketing strategy field as it specifically examines e-business . Objective of the study was to study the factors affecting Customer Satisfaction in Banking Sector of Pakistan and to find the relationship between Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty.

Research design of the study is quantitative and surveys research method has been used in it.

Research proposal affecting customers loyalty

warranties and customization to affect. Excerpt from Research Proposal: Customer Loyalty Affecting Customer Loyalty Customer Grade Course This research study introduces a comprehensive conceptual framework of customer loyalty within the retail sector.

It emphasizes on the perceived loyalty amongst fast moving consumer goods and attempts to explore the moderating effects of the various different factors that might influence them.

The research supports the research proposition that the list of most important factors affecting loyalty is dependant on the level of loyalty of consumers.

The overall satisfaction and importance of products build the foundation of any kind of loyalty. Agustin Clara and Singh Jagdip, (), “Curvilinear Effects of Consumer Loyalty Determinants in Relational Exchanges”, Journal of Marketing Research, XIII.

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