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And the world's safest city is

Safe city

Today, Rolta as a system integrator, facilitates in securing urban environments with innovative crime prevention, traffic management, video surveillance and environmental control capabilities.

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These solutions act as a force multiplier by enabling leading edge decision support systems within a spatially enabled environment. Our automated wide area surveillance solution provides immediate situational awareness in any environment.

Safe city

We combine video inputs from any number of cameras with other sensor data and display it on a single screen. The offered infrastructure can also support additional devices, mobile connectivity, new bandwidth requirements and real-time application deployments.

SafeAround: Most Dangerous Countries, Safety Advice and Crime Maps

We offer a scalable, commercial off-the-shelf COTS framework with an agile architecture that can be customised for your requirements. We work with leading alarm, video, and sensor vendors to provide standard-based adapters, which shorten implementation costs and time frames.

Safe city

The industries catered to by this solution are given below, along with their relevant Rolta products.Safe city Public safety is a core Lakewood value, best expressed by the devoted service of sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, and community volunteers.

Bossier City comes in as the third safest city in Louisiana – the crime index is 4,, and that’s 8 percent below state average. Bossier City has a population around 61, so it’s the eighth largest city.

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Very safe by European standards, which is the same as saying one of the safest cities in the world. If you're talking about crime in general, violent crime rates are very low and murders are almost unheard of. Safe cities attract businesses, foster innovation, and provide countless opportunities.

With city populations on the rise, urban planners, municipal governments, and businesses have to make important decisions about safety and security. If you go alone roaming around in the city at midnight, offcourse it won't be safe.

Government provides you security and safety in the terms possible for them.

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It is not possible for the government to provide you with security in each and every corner of the city. The priorities of City personnel will be saving lives and focusing resources on the greatest number of people.

The protection of life and property before, during and after a .

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