Samba 4 bartlet thesis

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Samba 4 bartlet thesis

For the purpose of this licence, this document is a program. To my supervisor, Dr Eric Charles McCreath, for taking on a research project at little notice, and midway though the year.

While this may take it a little too far, networked systems form the heart of every modern enterprise, and at the heart of every modern network are directories of various sorts, which document and control it.

In more recent times, and particularly with Samba 3. Samba version 4 is already a massive leap forward in the way Samba is designed, and built. Producing a compatible product is important, if the Samba project is to remain relevant into the future. By making these changes to Samba version 4, we have progressed closer to but not yet succeeded in creating an implementation compatible with Active Directory.

I 2 Background Introducing Active Directory 2. Active Directory Protocols 3. The Join process 8. Modifying the servicePrincipalNames 8.

Samba 4 bartlet thesis

This is an area of great collaboration, especially between members of the Samba Team[46], and forms the culmination of over 3 years personal effort as a member of that team. This research is based on a solid foundation, utilizing ideas and implementations found within the following Open Source software packages.

This thesis also builds on my previous research project, into a Windows compatible Virtual Private Networking solution[3]. The development effort in creating this system has created the infrastructure[28] upon which an Active Directory compatible DC is entirely possible.

In developing Samba4, Tridgell [54] demonstrated the ability to join a Microsoft Windows XP Professional client to a Samba4 domain; however this process had not been independently reproduced. This decision is in line with a policy the Samba Team has consistently followed: The Samba and IBM Blue Directory research teams2 determined that emulating parts of Windows would cause the client to assume Samba implemented other parts of the system.

The Samba Team, lead by Tridgell [54], decided to remedy this problem in Samba4 by simply implementing the missing components. Though Kerberos, an industry-standard authentication system, was developed for Unix-like systems, Samba3 made very limited use of Kerberos.

NT4 is now a legacy technology[63], despite the number of sites still running NT4 on both the client and the server. Because Kerberos is such key change in Active Directory, and because of the lack of documentation for NTLM, this thesis looks at the authentication problem in considerable detail.

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In the same way that Samba must support the newer DCE-RPC over TCP, this thesis shows how Kerberos is added to the protocols that Samba4 supports, and to create patches to other projects to allow them to cooperate with Samba4 in implementing this. This is described in section 3.

Directory servers are becoming a core component of most corporate networks: Directory servers are available from a number of vendors, and in their most basic form consist of key-value lookups on structured information. This information is often organised into a hierarchy.

Active Directory is many things to many people: Both of these protocols provide views onto the directory, and the internal database appears to be a X. By leveraging this standards base, Microsoft has been able to claim interoperability with other vendors.

Unfortunately this is a one-way process, with Active Directory at the core, and other systems using Internet Standards to reference that data. The technology Microsoft uses for client-server communication is remote procedure calls RPC. This documentation, however, does not address the format of individual calls that the client will make.

Chapter 3 Active Directory Protocols Looking at Active Directory from the ground up, it is clear that a large number of network protocols are involved. Many of these are Internet standards, or widely understood, but others are proprietary.

This is unusual in networking, because both local and remote IPC are conducted in a very similar way, abstracting away many of the usual concerns. Active Directory exports much of its information in the form of an LDAP tree, and a wide variety of tools are available to query and in some cases modify that information.

As will be discussed in Section 8.The website of Bradley M. Kuhn, aka Brad, aka bkuhn. This site includes his GPG keys, resume, blog, projects list, software, interviews, speeches and writing. The personal blog of Bradley M.

Samba 4 bartlet thesis

Kuhn (aka bkuhn), in which he covers issues related to Free, Libre and Open Source Software, software freedom, licensing, Specifically, we chose the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license for this work. We believe that not just software, but any generally useful technical information that.

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Samba - samba-technical - Samba ? As I came back in my office this morning I was a bit struck by both displays with the huge Debian screen lock image, and it got me thinking of how Debian has been my companion for so many years.

The Version table provides details related to the release that this issue/RFE will be addressed. Unresolved: Release in which this issue/RFE will be addressed. Resolved: Release in which this issue/RFE has been resolved.

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Fixed: Release in which this issue/RFE has been release containing this fix may be available for download as an Early Access Release or a General Availability . 1 Programme Electronics and Communication – Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Curriculum and scheme of Examinations SEMESTER I Credits Code No.

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