Sea of okhotsk essay

Much of the current interest in the sea was sparked in the s by Congressman Sonny Bono. Since that time, the Salton Sea Authority has developed a preferred concept [29] [ full citation needed ] that involves the construction of a large dam that would impound water to create a marine sea in the northern and southern parts of the sea and along the western edge. The California Department of Water Resources and California Department of Fish and Game are leading the effort to develop a preferred alternative for the restoration of the Salton Sea ecosystem and the protection of wildlife dependent on that ecosystem. The central portion of the sea would be allowed to evaporate almost completely and would serve as a brine sink, while the southern portion of the sea would be constructed into a saline habitat complex.

Sea of okhotsk essay

The author of the virtual trip is the Kamchatka"s photographer Sergey Krasnoshchokov. The official date of the creation of Kronotsky State Reserve that is one of the oldest ones in Russia is November 1,but the history of its creation started in The main sightseeing of the central part of the Biosphere Reserveare the largest and Sea of okhotsk essay second deepest freshwater Kamchatka"s reservoir Lake Kronotskoye, one the most fascinating volcanoes of the world volcano Kronotsky and deciduous forests.

One can set off on the virtual tour on the website of Kronotsky Reserve: In Kronotsky Reserve the tagging of Steller"s sea eagles has continued after a long break, and the program for tagging of Far Eastern curlews has begun.

Both types of the birds are listed in the Red Book of Russia. Six years running the monitoring of wetlands was held that are situated in the downstream of riverKronotskaya where more than 40, kinds of birds build their nests.

These are loons, geese, some kinds of ducks, sandpipers, passerines, gulls, terns, and some predators. Among them there are rare species like Aleutian, common and Arctic terms, Steller"s sea eagle and Far Eastern curlew. A nestling of a Steller"s sea eagle was tagged with a wing tab during the field season.

The migration of young birds isn"t researched properly, but there is a hypothesis according to which the sea eagles nesting on the peninsula commonly winter thereon.

It disappears while molting as they grow older. A distinctive feature of the two-year-old young female that is walking in Severnaya bay of Lake Kurilskoye with its mother and sister today is a white scarf or a shirtfront which is framing the animal"s neck, chest and upper back.

However, it behaves like an ordinary bear cub that is learning fishing and building relationship with kin. Departure from the ordinal coloration of the definite animal type is scientifically called aberration.

Sea of okhotsk essay

It"s a quite rare phenomenon. It is connected with genetic defects, natural selection and deserves separate studies. One of Motya"s ancestors could have been an albino, but not obligatory. September 15, People and bears — a formula of good-neighbourly relations in South Kamchatka Sanctuary is being figured out Scientists are researching the influence of increasing of tourism flow on prosperity of bear subpopulation dwelling in the environs of Lake Kurilskoye.

One can sometimes count up to 50 species at the same time from the observation decks of South Kamchatka Federal Sanctuary. While observing, specialists have made sure that the bears of Lake Kurilskoye possess astonishing tolerance towards people. This unique phenomenon for the wild nature is a desert of the leaders of Kronotsky Reserve.

Just ten years ago poachers hung around Lake Kurilskoye, bears were afraid of people. But TikhonIgorevichShpilenok, the director of Kronotsky Reserve, has properly organized the work of security services, and the poaching was managed to be eradicated for a short period of time.

Some generations of bears have grown up there that interpret people as a part of their world. It may already take place at the genetic level.

The main result of the researches will be a complex of measures allowing further development of ecological tourism so that the influence of people on the bear subpopulation is minimized, and guests are provided with the appropriate conditions for observing animals.

Thousands of copies of the Russian version of the book has already been sold among the connoisseurs of Kamchatka wildlife beauty. Shooting reserve wildlife is a complicated task that requires special skills. Sergey Gorshkov is one of the founders and a member of the Russian Union of wildlife photographers.

Now poachers will have to pay 1. This large, strong bird with light or completely white plumage is particularly valued on the black market.

Reading between the lines, and underneath the hype.

According to ornithologists, one of Russia"s largest groups of gyrfalcons lives in Kamchatka"s Koryaksky highlands.Comparison of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk Comparison of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk The Mediterranean region is one of the most valuable and endangered regions of the world-- for forests, woods, scrub habitat, and freshwater ecosystems.

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is eastern Russian, located to the west, across the Korea Strait, is North and South Korea; and China and Taiwan, found southwest of Japan, across the East China Sea. Year AD. List of contents. The year that Europe froze solid. Swedish defeat at Poltava.

The Aurora Borealis observed in New England. Apr 18,  · For example, the Sea of Okhotsk covers MKm2 – it’s a huge basin that was virtually filled with ice in March but only about 1/3 filled in Both seas cover about the same area (1,5 Mio. km²), the Sea of Okhotsk with an average depth of m, and the Barents Sea only m, but differ grossly in many other aspects.

Apr 09,  · The Chait & Krugman Manchurian Candidates Meet the Primorsky Krai, Sea of Okhotsk, & Coastal Hokkaido Photo Essay Connection The rugged rocks at Cape Erimo on one of the frequent gray and wet days at a corner point of Hokkaido Island, Japan.

A destroyer, missile frigate, supply ship and submarine rescue ship departed Wednesday from the port of Qingdao, home to China’s north sea fleet, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

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