Situation analysis peace memorial hospital

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Situation analysis peace memorial hospital

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It was a place where anyone could go and receive the best healthcare available. Established inby a French shipbuilder, whose dying wish was to fund a hospital for the poor. A sunrise from the rooftop of Charity Hospital.

Today the hallways of Charity Hospital remain dark and empty. It was known as a teaching hospital, a place where students from LSU and Tulane University could receive medical training.

Charity Hospital in Surgeon records from the s. The laboratories remain stocked with chemicals and supplies.

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Some portions of the hospital still had power 10 years later. The labs looked like someone walked out and left yesterday. A cart sits in the Pathology lab full of containers intended to be taken to the Morgue.

Several labs are still stocked with discarded body parts piled on shelves.

Situation analysis peace memorial hospital

The gym on the top floor Situation analysis peace memorial hospital piled with debris and hardly recognizable. MRI brain scans were plastered across a window to view.

The levees broke on August 29, as Hurricane Katrina made landfall. The electrical and mechanical equipment was underwater in the basement.

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The basement morgue flooded as well, sending bodies floating down the basement hallways. Doctors instructed the staff to pull the bodies out of the flooded basement and stack them in the stairwells.

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Patients were hand pumped oxygen by anyone willing to help, eventually being paddled down the flooded streets by staff to a nearby parking deck. Several patients died in the parking deck waiting to be rescued.

A week after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans the last patient was finally evacuated. These plastic tubs were full of body parts dry rotting from the heat inside.

Trapped inside without food for days, starving patients and employees ate whatever they could find. The dark, decaying hallways were littered with medical equipment like this CPR dummy set up to stand guard. The hospital had never been closed and many thought it would instantly reopen. Governor Blanco stated Charity Hospital would never reopen as a functioning hospital again.

A wooden wheelchair stored in an exterior stairwell next to a pile of biohazard waste. In order to qualify for FEMA compensation the disaster damage had to exceed half the cost of rebuilding. LSU wanted out of the indigent healthcare business, hoping the closure of Charity would allow them to move on.

The closing of Charity allowed LSU to seek the government funds needed to help build a billion dollar medical complex outside of the downtown area. A corner operating room with a view of the city. Since Charity was a teaching hospital the labs were full of oddities like this partial skeleton.

Lab manuals, blood slides, and a large hypodermic needle lay across this Pathology lab desk. You can still see the water line from Hurricane Katrina on the basement walls.

A replacement for Charity that seemed almost too little, too late. The 70 acre site in lower mid city is split off from downtown by the interstate highway making it difficult to reach by the indigent population. Many of the historic homes that outlasted Hurricane Katrina were destroyed or moved to less desirable areas to make way for University Medical Center.

Today Charity Hospital remains abandoned and locked down under constant police patrol. Hopefully one day this Art Deco treasure will be filled again with thousands of people creating miracles and saving lives.To count officers who are shot on the job, we refer to the Peace Officer Involved Shooting Reports and the Officer Down Memorial Page, a database of line-of-duty officer deaths dating back more than a century run by a nonprofit organization.


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Each year, preventable errors in hospitals are responsible for injury or death to one million Americans. Many of these errors are attributed to hospital system failures and can be indicators of hospital corporate negligence.

Civil Monetary Penalties and Affirmative Exclusions | Fraud Comanche County Hospital Authority d/b/a Comanche County Memorial Hospital, (Comanche), Lawton, Oklahoma, entered into a $, settlement agreement with OIG. The transferring hospital called Peace River's on-call OB/GYN who requested all of the patient .

Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments, 11th Edition. By Roger Kerin, Robert Peterson. Published by Pearson. Peace Memorial Hospital: Downtown Health Clinic Roger A. Kerin Procter & Gamble, Inc.: Scope We recommend Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments, 12th Edition as a.

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