Spectator march 4 1712 essay

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Spectator march 4 1712 essay

The Spectator British periodical, —12, In the Spectator, Joseph Addison and Richard Steele combined their talents and interests to produce a series of periodical essays that both established and defined the genre, rendering it more elegant, social, and edifying than ever before or since.

This periodical is distinguished by its high social topics, its formal and detached style, and its abstract and polite vocabulary. Its authors were witty, trenchant, perspicuous, and edifying, while its readers were assumed or encouraged to be attentive, literate, wellinformed, and contemplative.

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Six days a week between March and Decemberthe Spectator exhibited and promoted common sense, decorum, discretion, equanimity, good nature, good taste, politeness, and virtue. These qualities still enrich its pages, even for those readers who no longer regard them as essential to human happiness and a wellordered polity.

The places in which the Spectator proposed to make wisdom shine are, instead, social, pleasurable, conversible, and polite. Two of them, the Assemblies and the Tea-Tables, were frequented by women, and Addison and Steele presumed to discuss the concerns and behavior of women in many issues.

It must be admitted, however, that the overall air of the Spectator is that of the male coffeehouse, into the workings, concerns, and assumptions of which we are given many vivid glimpses.

Some 50 different coffeehouses are mentioned by name and location, and many of them are visited or described.


The essays deal with characters rather than identities, and with sets and clubs rather than private concerns or confusions. When Addison and Steele write about such psychological abstractions as jealousy, envy, zeal, and ambition as they often doit is with their social consequences in mind, and it is the reactions of others that the essays develop.

Other essays pay sustained attention to the workings of such social abstractions as shame, derision, modesty, impertinence, impudence, cheerfulness, and esteem. Even courting and married couples, the most numerous characters of all, show themselves in public, where Mr. Spectator and others can observe them.

Those who stay in their homes and contribute to the paper write of follies and extravagances, misfortunes and visits, rather than of intimacies.

Spectator march 4 1712 essay

Spectator might have done well to include two other places that his essays refer to and discuss repeatedly: He relied on the first, of course, to print and distribute papers to an audience that, by definition, took printing very seriously.

Books are quoted at the beginning of every paper, and quoted or referred to throughout most of them. Fewer journals have ever been more literate, in the exact sense of that word. A good many of the essays are, in effect, theater criticism, whether discussions of Tragedy nos.

Many other issues invoke passing references to plays or the theater.

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The first collection was issued by subscription early in All seven volumes of the original papers were out by There were innumerable reprints in the 18th century, and seven new editions thereafter, culminating with the definitive Clarendon Edition edited by Donald Bond in The Spectator, a periodical published in London by the essayists Sir Richard Steele and Joseph Addison from March 1, , to Dec.

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Spectator march 4 1712 essay

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