Technocraft managing motivation

A project coordinator communicates the project status with concerned parties. Project coordination refers to the planning, monitoring and control of all aspects of a project and the motivation of all those involved in it, to achieve the project objectives on time and to the specified cost, quality and performance. Project Coordination is a task accomplished by a Project Coordinator who ensures that the project is progressing as expected and provides early warnings to the Project Sponsor. Project Coordinator is a link between Project and the Sponsor.

Technocraft managing motivation

This report talks about the working motivational problem shown by the workers in a small factory named Technocraft, located in the South East of England. The problem has risen to high labor turnover Technocraft managing motivation difficulties in recruiting new employees.

It led George Orwell Newell, the company chairman, to hire a consultant named Helen McKiernan to figure out the sources of the problems. However, Helen did not want to conclude the problem there. When Helen had done her research, she found out that the workers actually enjoyed their work, but hate to work for the company.

In other words, the problem that halted the working motivation in workers is the management itself.

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Forms of inefficient management that leads to the lack of working motivation. However this failed to happen in Technocraft. This problem occurred since George elected Robert as the wiring Department supervisor. Since then, all the wiring workers have resented his presence.

This made the workers to be depressed working for the company. Moreover there was lack of honesty in Robert, when he did mistake in recognizing two women workers, who were late to work, with Elena and Veronica, who were hardworking workers in the company. Even though, he knew his mistake afterwards, his ego was too high to accept his mistake and apologize to Elena and Veronica.

This caused the intense relation between workers and their advisors, which then lead to the slow growth of working production in the company. To achieve a long-term progress in their work, there should be fairness and sincerity in all the effort that the manager do to boost the motivation in workers.

For example, when George told the workers that they would obtain rewards if they work hard until they can achieve the production target of the year, however when the target was achieved, all the worker got was just tee-shirt. This shows no fairness to the workers.

Technocraft managing motivation

It showed no equality between the reward and the hard works that had been done.Mr. Shankhesh Shah, Managing Director, SRS Jewelcon on the growth of the tech and machinery sector in India: Factors responsible for the growth of tech and Machinery sector in India.

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Case Study: Managing motivation at Technocraft I. Symptoms a) High labour turnover. b) Difficulty in recruiting new employees. c) Poor productivity performance.

II. Identifying and analysing the problems We postulate that the first problem relates to the employees’ resentment towards the management team.

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