Unitary plc rack mounted plc and modular plc

P1 Describe the selection criteria and a practical application for a unitary, a P1 modular and a rack-mounted programmable controller P5 Describe the importance of health and safety when working with P5 programmable controlled equipment. M1 Select and describe the benefits and limitations of a programmable controller M1 for a specific application 1 The written assignment provides the evidence for the satisfaction of the learning Outcomes P1, P5 and the opportunity to achieve M1. You should also reference all the sources of information that you use.

Unitary plc rack mounted plc and modular plc

What Is a PLC? The majority of PLCs today are modular, allowing the user to add an assortment of functionality including discrete control, analog control, PID control, position control, motor control, serial communication, and high-speed networking.

Compared to older technologies, the PLC is easier to troubleshoot, more reliable, more cost-effective, and far more versatile. Modicon, shortened from modular digital controller, is both the name of the first PLC product and the brand that invented it.

While it may not look like a typical computer, at the core of a PLC is the very same technology seen in the computers and smart devices most people use in their everyday life. The backplane, as shown in Figure 2, creates an electrical connection between all of the separate components, giving the PLC its modular design.

This electrical connection includes both power and communication signals. These cards can quickly be added or removed from their slot in the carrier.

S7-400 CPUs

The programming device can be a desktop computer, laptop, or hand-held instrument from the same manufacturer. While the programming device allows the user to view and modify the code running on the PLC, the HMI provides a higher level of abstraction, modeling the control system as a whole.

These types of interactive displays are very common and will often be mounted directly on the PLC enclosure or nearby for operator use. This is where you would find pumps, motors, valves, temperature and pressure sensors, heat exchangers, mass flow meters, robotic arms, and raw materials.

Image courtesy of RS Components. In today's large, complex industries, the HMI has become a critical feature in the implementation and deployment of a control system.

Unitary plc rack mounted plc and modular plc

As its name implies, the human-machine interface is a user's window into the control scheme or process. Before modern HMIs, plant operators relied on walls of analog gauges and light bulbs to understand the state of their processes. Opening a valve to let off pressure in a pipe or ramping a temperature control loop down could not be done from a computer mouse or capacitive touchscreen, but had to be radioed to an outside operator who performed the action manually.

Figure 4 compares the control rooms of old against a modern control room, equipped with HMIs and advanced graphics. Images courtesy of PLC. This high-level view of the PLC is the domain of automation and control engineers. These engineers understand control systems, control algorithms, and configuration.

Making Critical Decisions. Effortless.

They model the process and determine the size and scale of the system needed. From there, the PLC and all of its components are purchased. The key takeaway here is that all of the control is done by a single CPU.

PLC Hardware and Code The electrical engineer rarely works at such a high level and is more interested in the design and implementation of the PLC's separate components.

Unitary plc rack mounted plc and modular plc

How does a discrete input card work? How does an analog output card drive its output?PLC capabilities and their range of uses within the control industry has grown considerably over recent years, meaning that there is a wide variety of PLCs available.

However, it . A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or lighting fixtures.

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3 plc units are unitary modular and rack mounted. i need to identify and describe the 3 type of programme logic controllet and explain their corresponding pratical application to the system, for example in a traffic light system.

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