Ways to reduce poverty essays

More Essay Examples on Poverty Rubric In education, people can build their personality and their skills in communication in order to succeed in society. According to Venkatasubramanianpeople who go to school are able to develop new ideas and concepts, and also develop a responsible attitude.

Ways to reduce poverty essays

Sunday, 27 January Poverty reduction in developing countries depends almost exclusively on high economic growth Poverty reduction is a subject that has attracted a lot of debate in past three decades.

Poverty is a global challenge that goes beyond social and political issues to include economic issues. Therefore, solutions aimed at breaking the vicious cycles of poverty cannot be limited to political and social policies, but call for radical set of measures that are comprehensive and Ways to reduce poverty essays.

Indeed, the aforementioned is the cardinal principle that guide strategies formulated to address poverty problems.

Ways to reduce poverty essays

A large part of this ongoing debate in the contemporary society is based on issues relating to how this impending social and economic problem can be addressed. A number of scholars have singled out economic growth as the ultimate solution to poverty.

This is relatively because economic growth brings with it a number of reforms i. According to Megaalthough economic growth is a major influencer in poverty reduction, its sustainability calls for macroeconomic stability. Therefore, it is apparent that economic strategies aimed at reducing poverty are much intertwined with macroeconomic stability of a state.

This essay seeks to dissect the issue of poverty and how economic growth is its ultimate cure. In addition, it will look at economic policies advanced by developing economies to address the issue.

Poverty has fallen relatively over the past 50 years, but the rates vary from one country to another or from one continent to another.

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For example, Asia has done remarkably well in reducing its poverty levels with countries like China and India leading the pack. However, in a sharp contrast, mild progress has been witnessed in developing economies i.

In the past, agricultural productivity growth rates were closely related to poverty reduction rates. This implies that economies that reported rapid growth rates in agricultural productivity also experienced great results in matters poverty reduction.

In Asia, increased levels of productivity courtesy of advanced levels of technology enabled it to fast track its way out of abject poverty by increasing incomes and wages of producers and workers respectively. In addition, increased levels of production led to the reduction of commodity prices.

These contributions brought with it new opportunities relatively because agricultural success provided a strong economic basis of diversification.

However, despite years of investment in advanced technologies i. The hunger problem is relatively tragic when the populace rely heavily on rain water to grow products, singling out economies in sub Saharan Africa where the effects of new technologies is yet to be fully harnessed and production related to agricultural production is relatively low or has otherwise stagnated in most areas Zaman et al.

Most developing economies are striving to achieve Millennium development goals MDGs i. To achieve this with much ease, developing economies need to increase its productivity levels in agriculture as it remains the most appropriate driver for economic growth and is responsible for breaking the vicious cycles of poverty.

Ways to reduce poverty essays

This is relatively because a good number of populace in developing economies relies largely on agriculture for their daily survival. In developing economies, scholars assert that agricultural growth is relatively more beneficial to persons living below a dollar a day in comparison with other sectors of the economy.

Economic growth is a distinct primary factor that plays a cardinal role in influencing poverty. Numerous studies have established that there is a strong relationship between poverty reduction and the per capita income of an economy.

These scholars borrowed heavily from not only income but also non-income poverty measures. In addition, the study also established that there was no substantial difference between the impacts of an increase in the income of the poor i.

That is, the poverty reduction and economic growth that resulted from the formulation of sound policies was relatively good for those in abject poverty as it was good for an entire population.

Further studies assert that the accumulation of capital by the private sector is responsible for driving economic growth. From the aforementioned assertion, it is apparent that there is need for developing economies that are keen in reducing their poverty levels to foster good environment i.

That is the only way capital investment can be guaranteed and there is no other easy way or magic bullet that can increased private investment rates.Reducing. Poverty the Republican Way. BY DOUGLAS HOLTZ-EAKIN. 15 Poverty is emerging as a pressing policy issue on both sides of the ideological spec- In this short essay, I outline principles and policies that conservatives and Republicans should use to guide the agenda for the future.

Poverty is one of the main issues the entire world has to deal with. The world is trying to find ways to help those in need and prevent them from going in this downward spiral toward poverty again.

Haskins explores why it is so difficult to reduce the poverty rate, gives an overview of the welfare reform law of and its impacts on work rates and poverty, explains why it . Policies to reduce poverty In summary, to reduce poverty, government policies could include: Means-tested welfare benefits to the poorest in society; for example, unemployment benefit, food stamps, income support and housing benefit.

The report presents findings from current literature on the topic, which offers new ways of looking at the returns to education, together with evidence from original data analysis and background studies of education and poverty rates in Pakistan.

5 ways to end poverty around the world As part of the sustainable development goals adopted in September , the United Nations is challenging global leaders to help end poverty in all its forms, everywhere, by

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