Xcom 100 week 1 individual

Create a to slide presentation discussing how technology assists in linking clients to services. Include a discussion of the following topics in your presentation:

Xcom 100 week 1 individual

Early life Embley Park in Hampshire, now a school, was one of the family homes of William Nightingale. Florence Nightingale was born on 12 May into a rich, upper-class, well-connected British family at the Villa Colombaia, [7] in FlorenceTuscanyItaly, and was named after the city of her birth.

Florence's older sister Frances Parthenope had similarly been named after her place of birth, Parthenopea Greek settlement now part of the city of Naples. The family moved back to England inwith Nightingale being brought up in the family's homes at Embley, Hampshire and Lea Hurst, Derbyshire.

Fanny's father Florence's maternal grandfather was the Xcom 100 week 1 individual and Unitarian William Smith. She recorded that "Clarkey" was a stimulating hostess who did not care for her appearance, and while her ideas did not always agree with those of her guests, "she was incapable of boring anyone.

She said that if given the choice between being a woman or a galley slave, then she would choose the freedom of the galleys. She generally rejected female company and spent her time with male intellectuals.

However, Clarkey made an exception in the case of the Nightingale family and Florence in particular. She and Florence were to remain close friends for 40 years despite their year age difference. Clarke demonstrated that women could be equals to men, an idea that Florence had not obtained from her mother.

In her youth she was respectful of her family's opposition to her working as a nurse, only announcing her decision to enter the field in Despite the intense anger and distress of her mother and sister, she rebelled against the expected role for a woman of her status to become a wife and mother.

Nightingale worked hard to educate herself in the art and science of nursing, in the face of opposition from her family and the restrictive social code for affluent young English women. While her demeanour was often severe, she was said to be very charming and possess a radiant smile.

Her most persistent suitor was the politician and poet Richard Monckton Milnesbut after a nine-year courtship she rejected him, convinced that marriage would interfere with her ability to follow her calling to nursing.

He and Nightingale became lifelong close friends. Herbert would be Secretary of War again during the Crimean Warwhen he and his wife would be instrumental in facilitating Nightingale's nursing work in the Crimea.

She became Herbert's key adviser throughout his political career, though she was accused by some of having hastened Herbert's death from Bright's Disease in because of the pressure her programme of reform placed on him. Nightingale also much later had strong relations with academic Benjamin Jowettwho may have wanted to marry her.

Her writings on Egypt in particular are testimony to her learning, literary skill and philosophy of life. Sailing up the Nile as far as Abu Simbel in Januaryshe wrote of the Abu Simbel temples"Sublime in the highest style of intellectual beauty, intellect without effort, without suffering … not a feature is correct—but the whole effect is more expressive of spiritual grandeur than anything I could have imagined.

It makes the impression upon one that thousands of voices do, uniting in one unanimous simultaneous feeling of enthusiasm or emotion, which is said to overcome the strongest man. She regarded the experience as a turning point in her life, and issued her findings anonymously in ; The Institution of Kaiserswerth on the Rhine, for the Practical Training of Deaconesses, etc.

Crimean War A print of the jewel awarded to Nightingale by Queen Victoriafor her services to the soldiers in the war Florence Nightingale's most famous contribution came during the Crimean Warwhich became her central focus when reports got back to Britain about the horrific conditions for the wounded.This paperwork includes XCOM Week 5 CheckPoint Group Member Worksheet Communications - General Communications XCOM / X COM / Week 1 DQs XCOM / X COM / Week 2 CheckPoint: Stereotypes Paper XCOM / X COM / Week 2 Assignment: Self-Esteem Worksheet and Response Paper.


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Xcom 100 week 1 individual

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Xcom 100 week 1 individual

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